• You've wanted to start making money online, but have had no clue how to do it.
  • You started blogging, or posting to Instagram or Facebook, or maybe you started a podcast or a YouTube channel, but nothing has worked.
  • Your monthly online income is still too low.
  • Now you're starting to realize that you don't really know how to sell online.
  • When you try to sell, you feel awkard.
  • You feel your following is too small to make sales.
  • You try to put yourself out there but sometimes it feels you're talking to yourself.
  • Imagine if you were able to grow an online audience of people who absolutely loved and respected what you did, and were excited for every new piece of content ...
  • Imagine if you were able to take holiday time when you wanted, save thousands of dollars with every launch, travel at the drop of a hat, and afford to buy yourself expensive things without going into debt ...
  • Imagine how you’ll impact the lives of strangers and how good it will feel to know that you’re really making a positive impact on people, while putting money in the bank ...
  • Imagine what your friends and loved ones would say when you're making an impact AND money online ...

  • 6 Months of Business-Building Weekly Challenges

    • Each week you will receive a Business-Building Challenge.
    • Each Business-Building Challenge is specifically crafted to create momentum, confidence and ease within your online business.
    • All challenges will be based upon strengthening one aspect of the four ‘Cornerstones of a Successful Online Business’
      • Cornerstone 1 – Identity
      • Cornerstone 2 – Magnetism
      • Cornerstone 3 – Visibility
      • Cornerstone 4 – Revenue Streams
      • (scroll down for an in-depth look into these cornerstones)
  • Four Live Group Q&A Calls a Month for 6 Months

    • Each month we will have four ‘Live Group Q&A Calls’ for Spark Lounge Members only.
    • The purpose of the ‘Live Group Q&A Calls’ will be to join together as a group and discuss the challenge we had that week.
    • I will be there to answer any questions the group may have, and although I can’t promise to get to everyone, I will do my best!
    • This will provide an immersive and one-of-a-kind learning environment, in which you’ll get to benefit from the knowledge of the group’s experiences with the challenge, while simultaneously benefiting from the knowledge of someone who already has a successful online business (me).
    • Replays of all ‘Live Group Q&A Calls’ will be readily available, and questions for the call can be sent in via email if you can’t make it live.
  • 6 Month Access to The Spark Lounge Facebook Group 2017/2018

    • This Facebook Group will be our community home base.
    • I will be an active participant and will be able to show up in a way for this group that I have *never* been able to show up for a group before (I’m excited, can you tell?)
    • I see this as being the place where you can share what excites and inspires you, and ask for advice whenever you want.
    • While most Facebook Groups have *thousands* of people, in The Spark Lounge there will only be 100 of us. Therefore, this will be a much more intimate, engaged and immersive Facebook Group, one that creates an unforgettably supportive learning environment.
  • Online Access to All Content For Life

    • The Spark Lounge Membership Site will be our content home base.
    • Once you join and are accepted into The Spark Lounge, you will get access to The Spark Lounge Membership site.
    • The Spark Lounge Membership Site will hold goodies like your weekly Business-Building Challenges, replays of your Live Group Q&A Calls, content from surprise guest experts, bonus Masterclasses and any accompanying material that might be provided.
  • The Spark Lounge will have no more than 100 members
  • This will allow for a highly connected and intimate community
  • Together the group will focus on a new Business-Building Challenge each week
  • The Facebook Group will feel warm and welcoming with just 100 members
  • Members will be chosen on a first come first serve basis and by how well suited The Spark Lounge is for them

I’m Alex Beadon, an online business coach for entrepreneurs who want to make a full-time living online doing what they love and who want to experience far more freedom in their lives because of it.

I stumbled upon success in the online business world by accident. I’ll never forget my very first day of online sales - PayPal notifications buzzing on my phone, again, and again, and again each time a new order came in. Demand was high, and within a year, I had my very first six figure business without spending a single cent on advertising.

I was in love with the freedom my online business granted me, enamored with making money in my sleep while making a positive impact on my clients' lives, and infatuated with helping others do the same. I wanted to teach people the strategies of how to create this freedom lifestyle for themselves.

Through my years of coaching online entrepreneurs, I’ve realized that there are 4 cornerstones to an online business that should be focused on and strengthened regularly in order for a business to be able to rely less on cringe-worthy sales tactics and more on its online presence, and that's what The Spark Lounge is all about. 

  • The 4 Cornerstones every online business owner should be focusing their time and effort on in order to continue making sales easier and easier for them.
  • How to get clear on your brand identity. Because let’s be real - the competition is FIERCE, and you need to know how to stand out AND be yourself at the same time.
  • Discover confidence in who you are online. So that you can present yourself in a way that feels 100% cohesive with you and your message.
  • Learn how to convert sales with confidence. Learn how to make money when you want it by relying less on cringe-worthy sales tactics and more on the strength of your online presence.
  • Create a community that gets excited every time you post, and grows organically.
  • 1


    This section will give you a strong sense of brand identity and vision which are critical to being able to attract your ideal client and make an instant first impression.
    As a result of the work you’ll do in this cornerstone, you’ll find yourself creating content, both free and paid, that is incredibly valuable and well-received by your audience, leaving you feeling like a rockstar.

  • 2


    We’ll be covering the tactics behind what I like to call "The Alex Beadon Growth Hack”.
    We’ll be laying down the infrastructure of setting up both your email list and your marketing funnels.
    AND we’ll make sure that from the outside, everything is communicated seamlessly so that we can attract *exactly* who we want.

  • 3


    In this cornerstone, you’ll be doing challenges that encourage you to create content that invites your ideal client to fall in love with you and what you do.
    We’ll be talking about what kind of content you can create to “hack” the system and get as many views and responses as possible, and how to make sure you convert that attention into some sort of profitability.
    After this section you’ll feel like you’re on a path to growing a personal brand that can one day make you recognizable in your industry for what you do.

  • 4


    This is often the cornerstone that is most ignored, and yet the most important one if you want to be able to make money online.
    After this fourth cornerstone, you’ll be able to sell with confidence and ease, while using a strategy to launch your offering that builds off of the last 3 cornerstones.

  • 100% Online Experience

    • Accessible no matter where you are in the world, as long as you have an internet connection. 
    • All ‘Live Group Q&A Calls’ will take place online via Zoom (a free application to accommodate group calls like the ones we’ll be having)
    • All Challenges will be delivered to our online membership site as an embedded video
    • All Worksheets will be downloadable for you to instantly use or print
    • The Community discussions and conversations will be held in a Facebook Group
  • The Ultimate Learning Environment

    • The following will be provided in The Spark Lounge Membership Site:
      • Business-Building Challenges
      • Replays of your Live Group Q&A Calls
      • Content from surprise guest experts
      • Bonus Masterclasses
      • and any accompanying material that might be provided
    • Not to mention the fact that you’ll be doing these Business-Building Challenge at the same time as the rest of the group, and will be surrounded by people who can support you and help you figure things out if you get stuck.
  • 6 Month Access to Membership Site

    • Once you join and are accepted into The Spark Lounge, you will get access to The Spark Lounge Membership site.
    • The Spark Lounge Membership Site will hold goodies like your weekly Business-Building Challenges, replays of your Live Group Q&A Calls, content from surprise guest experts, bonus Masterclasses and any accompanying material that might be provided.
  • Unlimited Replays

    • Watch our trainings and challenges as many times as you’d like! 
    • There’s no limit to the goodness.
  • Starting Date: September 18th

    • The Spark Lounge will officially begin on Monday September 18th, 2017.
    • This will give us enough time to go through all of the intake forms to choose who we believe can most benefit from The Spark Lounge. 
  • Private Facebook Group Community

    • One of the best parts of The Spark Lounge is that you’re not doing it alone!
    • Our Private Facebook Group is going to be the place we come together as a community to share our experience together
  • Six Months Long

    • The Spark Lounge is a six month experience. 
    • The six months will be September, October, November (break for December), January, February, March, and a little bit of April.
    • This is unlike anything I have ever offered before because it provides ongoing support for 6 months.
  • Workbooks & Task Lists

    • Each challenge will contain some kind of supportive content or resource which will be outlined in your workbook along with a task list for those of you who love to tick to-do’s off a list :).  
    • These will prompt you through each step of your journey in The Spark Lounge so that there is no confusion as to what the next step is.
  • Excellent Customer Service

    • We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service.
    • No matter the problem, you can always reach us via email: help@alexbeadon.com
  • Access to 'Four Group Live Q&A Calls' a Month

    • This will provide an immersive and one-of-a-kind learning environment, in which you’ll get to benefit from the knowledge of the group’s experiences with the challenge, while simultaneously benefiting from the knowledge of someone who already has a successful online business (me).
  • Surprise Guest Trainings

    • Part of my job as the creator of The Spark Lounge is to create an environment that excites you.
    • Therefore, from time to time The Spark Lounge will be hosting Surprise Guest Trainings that can be found in the membership site
  • Exclusive Masterclass Trainings

    One special feature of the last version of The Spark Lounge that I wanted to keep were my Masterclasses. People *loved* these in-depth looks into certain topics and I’ll be carrying this on at random points throughout our six months together.

After today, you’ll live one of two realities.

In Reality A, your life stays the same – without direction, without a marketing strategy to help you achieve your business goals, and without The Spark Lounge. By passing on this opportunity and deciding to continue your business as is, your business will most likely stay stagnant.

In 6 months, your life and business will be no different than how it is today.


In Reality B, you’ve registered for The Spark Lounge. Over the next 6 months you have the support of a group who are all working towards a similar goal of boosting their online business. You receive a weekly challenge, full of direction and education to help you reach the next level in your business. You get to take advantage of 4 Live Q&A Calls each month to ensure that your questions get answered. Over the 6 months, you start to learn how to implement the 4 cornerstones of a successful online business into your daily life in a way that builds momentum and allows you to work towards creating the business of your dreams and attract clients who LOVE what you do. Your online presence strengthens as it begins to consistently communicate who you are and what you do. Your business has more customers than ever before, and these people get you; they know what you’re about. They’re “your people.” You get to be yourself and make money from people who love you and actually want to buy from you.

In 6 months, your business will be one hundred steps ahead of where it is now. It's the beginning of a new, abundant chapter in your life.

  • You'll have clarity around what to work on each week in order to strengthen your online business.
  • You’ll finally be able to ditch the overwhelm and be introduced to a space of entrepreneurial momentum and clarity.
  • You’ll find yourself falling in love with online marketing, instead of being sickened by it.
  • You’ll have a new community of online bosses that will feel like family to you and encourage you to succeed.
  • The weekly dose of fresh, exclusive content will re-ignite your passion for your business each and every week.
  • You'll feel a sense of ongoing support with 24 total Live Q&A Sessions over the 6 months

The Spark Lounge is only for 100 up-and-coming online entrepreneurs because I wanted to create an immersive and intimate experience in which everyone could feel as though they were part of a tight-knit community.

I myself am part of a group of high-level entrepreneurs that consists of only 100 people and I found it my *favorite* place to turn to for advice, updates, and entrepreneurial connection.

I wanted to re-create this for my tribe, so that even if you're just getting your online business off the ground, you don't have to feel like one in a million. I wanted to create an immersive experience where you could really benefit from a high level of support and community, without having to pay the high fees of one-on-one coaching.

Want to join The Spark Lounge?

All you have to do is click either of the payment buttons below and you’ll be taken to a secure payment page on samcart.com.

Once you’ve filled in your information and chosen your payment plan, you’ll get a thank you email with an intake form.  Please fill out this intake form to the best of your ability.

You'll be contacted next week to be alerted to whether or not you were a good fit. If you are not a good fit for The Spark Lounge, you will get a full refund. 🙂

The Spark Lounge costs $399 a month for 6 months
OR $197 a month for 13 months
OR we have a pay-in-full option for $2194 (and save $200).

  • 1

    You'll be spending money on an experience that will help you make money.

    At first, $399 a month may sound like a lot, but if you think about how much money it could help you make - even if it’s just $1000 a month, it would be worth it.

  • 2

    This is incredibly high value for money compared to other online marketing courses

    If you compare it to any of the best marketing courses on offer in the industry that are normally priced at $2000 for a 6 week course, $2394 for 6 months doesn’t sound so bad does it?

  • 3

    The Spark Lounge vs. A College Course

    A college course could set you back tens of thousands of dollars and are honestly so general, they might not even be able to really help you with exactly what it is that you’re trying to do. Having a program like The Spark Lounge that’s tailored specifically towards helping you in your situation? Well worth the $399 a month for 6 months when compared to tens of thousands for a college course, am I right?

  • 4

    What is the cost of waiting to figure it out by yourself?

    Not to mention - the cost of waiting to figure it out yourself. It could take you years of trying to figure this stuff out on your own before you finally get the hang of it! Which may seem fine to you, but if you’re someone who values achievement and momentum in your life, you *know* it’ll take way too long. Anyone who’s invested in the right coach and education knows that by doing so, you can cut corners that may have taken you years to figure out on your own .

At first, $399 a month for 6 months may sound like a lot, but if you think about how much money it could help you make - even if it’s just $1000 a month, it would be worth it. 

Monday September 18th is the *last day* to join The Spark Lounge!